The Washington Hotel
3927 Van Buren Place
Culver City, California

     Upon Joan's arrival in Los Angeles in January 1925, she lived in the Washington Hotel (currently known as the West End Hotel).
According to "A Portrait of Joan," visiting The Washington Hotel was the first stop she made after she was retrieved at the train station.
The Washington Hotel was built in 1923, and originally had 51 rooms in the three story building.

     As of 2018, the hotel has began extensive remodeling by the Los Angeles-based Grifka Group.
The company plans to multi-purpose the building, by combining it as a hotel, restaurant and bar. The building is being remodeled with modern conveniences, however, will maintain it's original exterior architecture, with an interior reminiscent of the golden age of cinema.
The hotel, renamed "Palihotel," has a projected opening date of late 2018.