Florence Walsh Letters to Joan

Florence Walsh "Thank you" letter (July 9th, 1973)

"Dear Miss Crawford,
     How can I ever thank you enough for the most surprising, most unexpected, most generous and one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me? I was dumbfounded when I received your check on Saturday - - - and I still am! I don't shock easily but really Miss Crawford, I'm so overwhelmed that I'm trying to search for the right words to express how deeply I feel.
     I tried to do a good job for you but whatever I did certainly did not merit what you have done for me in return. You have gone far over, above and beyond that with your generosity.

     You have always been extraordinary kind, good and fair to me doing our years of association. Our ten years together have been very, very happy ones for me and I cannot put an end to the close, daily relationship I enjoyed with you without feeling the wrench of parting. I shall miss you and Mamacita so very much.
     Please promise me that you will always call on me whenever I can be helpful to you in any way. I'll be delighted to do whatever I can to make the days ahead easier and smoother for you.
     I accept, with a heart filled with thanks, the most generous gift I have ever received and the love you sent with it.
     With my affection,

     Florence Walsh"

     Florence Walsh served as Joan Crawford's "New York" secretary (furnished by Pepsi-Cola) from 1963 to July 1973. Following her termination of employment with Joan in 1973, Walsh continued a friendship with Joan until her death in 1977, and periodically assisted Joan between 1973 - 1977.