Mamacita Documents

Anna's Federal Republic of Germany identity card

Anna's Federal Republic of Germany identification card for displaced persons and refugees

Translated to English, this Federal Republic of Germany identification card reads:

Name (last): Brinke (maiden Hoffman)
Name (first): Anna Auguste Karoline
Birthday: July 26, 1898
Place of Birth: Striese Trebnitz Schlesien Germany (Note: which is now Poland)
Permanent Stay In The Federal Territory: September 10, 1945
Residence and Apartment: Werdohl, Eveking (Note: Eveking is a small village near Werdohl) Uferstr. 9
Signature of the holder: Werdohl September 19, 1954
No. of the identity card: NW II 605 604 B

Anna's marriage certificate to Alois Brinke

Translated to English, this marriage certificate reads:

Civil registry office I Breslau (Note: aka Wroclaw, Poland) No. 307/1919
The coachman (aka a taxi driver), Sergeant Alois Brinke, a Catholic, residing in Breslau, Schulzenwiese II (Note: aka Warclaw, Poland). Born on January 24, 1882 in Algersdorg, Munsterberg; and Auguste Anna Karoline Hoffmann, a worker, a Protestant, living in Breslau, Schulzenwiese II (Note: aka Warclaw, Poland), born on July 26, 1898 in Striese, Kris Trebnitz. Have, on April 16, 1919, united in front of the registry office in Breslau.
The father of the husband: Josef Brinke, resident in Neu Altmannsdorf,
The mother of the husband: Anna née Aust, most recently resident in Neu Altmannsdorf.
Father of the wife: August Hoffmann,
Mother of the wife: Pauline née Pelz; both residing in Breslau.