Missed Opportunities
"Return To Peyton Place"

Status: Released in 1961 (Role portrayed by Mary Astor)
Character: "Roberta Carter"
Character Summary: Roberta Carter is an overly dominating mother who attempts to destroy her son's marriage to his new wife.

Joan's involvement in the production:
It was announced in December 1959 that Joan was being considered for the role of "Roberta Carter" in "Return To Peyton Place."
On January 22, 1960, producer Jerry Wald announced he had his "Return to Peyton Place" cast set, saying:
"Joan Crawford plays the mother-in-law who plans the murder of her daughter-in-law, Carol Lynley, who gets wind of the scheme and turns the tables."

Throughout 1960, Joan mentions her plans to star in the film in several interviews and personal letters, but indicates Wald had not given her a filming date, stating she did not know if she would be in the film or not.

On December 14, 1960, shortly before production, it was announced Joan had left the production. Upon Joan's departing from the production, she offered the public explanation that she didn't want to work on a film over the Christmas holiday.

After Joan left, Bette Davis was approached for the role, however, Davis declined the role due to illness. On December 21, 1960, Mary Astor was hired for the role.

According to Joan's daughter, Christina, Joan refused to work on the 20th Century Fox lot, because Christina was also working on the lot at the same time filming "Wild In The Country" with Elvis Presley. (Source: "No Safe Place" by Christina Crawford)

Christina Crawford screen tested for the role of "Allison MacKenzie" in April 1960. The role was portrayed by Carol Lynley.