Missed Opportunities
"The Idol"

Status: Released in 1966 (Role portrayed by Jennifer Jones)
Character: "Carol"
Character Summary: Carol, a newly-divorced woman, falls in love with her son's college friend.

Joan's involvement in the production:
The film was originally to be produced by Italian producer Carlo Ponti for Embassy Pictures, and to be filmed in Italy.
In January 1962, Joan met with producer Carlo Ponti and Embassy Pictures producer Joseph Levine in regard to starring in the film. Subsequently, Joan was the top contender for the film throughout 1962, with filming scheduled to begin in Italy in the fall of 1962.
The film was slated to be directed by John Cassavetes, who would also star in the film as Joan's love interest, with Claudia Cardinale and Jack Kelly co-starring.

Ultimately, the film was shelved for approximately two years before it went into production again in late 1964, without Joan Crawford, John Cassavetes, Carlo Ponti or Joseph Levine involved.

Embassy Pictures producer Leonard Lightstone took over the production with filming set to begin in February 1965 in England with Shelley Winters starring in the role of "Carol." Actress Kim Stanley then replaced Winters in mid-1965, however Stanley later withdrew from the film and was replaced by Jennifer Jones in August of 1965. Filming finally began in England on "The Idol" in September of 1965 with Jennifer Jones in the role of "Carol."