Missed Opportunities
"Wild In The Country"

Status: Released in 1961 (Role portrayed by Hope Lange)
Character: "Irene Sperry"
Character Summary: Psychiatrist Irene Sperry is court-appointed to counsel trouble maker, Glenn Taylor, (Elvis Presley) and, in the process, encourages him to become a writer.

Joan's involvement in the production:
In November 1961, after the film had been released, 20th Century Fox producer, Jerry Wald, revealed he originally envisioned a “mature actress” for the female lead in “Wild In The Country,” and that Joan, among other actresses, was approached to portray the character of "Irene Sperry" before Hope Lange was hired. Interestingly, "Wild In The Country" is the film debut of Joan's daughter, Christina, who had a small role in the film.