Joan Crawford's "My Way of Life"
The Original Manuscript

     The below document is the original manuscript for "My Way of Life," and what was submitted to Simon & Schuster for publication. It is heavily notated throughout with corrections, redactions and text alterations. Observe the original title of Joan's autobiography was "A Way of Life." These handwritten alterations were primarily made by Joan's co-author, Audrey Davenport Inman. However, there are some examples of Joan's own handwriting within the document.

The manuscript has remained in this large manila envelope presumably since it was returned to Joan in January 1972.

The manuscript was contained in this envelope when it was sold by Joan's estate at the Plaza Art Galleries Auction on February 16th, 1978.

The handwriting on the front of the envelope has been verified by handwriting samples to be that of Joan's secretary, Florence Walsh.

The letter to Joan from Simon & Schuster upon the return of the manuscript

The following four pages are the approved captions for the book's photos

The manuscript