Rumored & Alleged Television Appearances

In Alphabetical Order

"Beyond The Water's Edge" (1972)
This is a production linked to Crawford on websites such as IMDB, however, there is no documentation of Crawford's involvement in this production, nor is there any evidence of this project ever actually existing.

"The David Frost Show" (1970 and 1971)
Joan Crawford appeared on "The David Frost Show" only once, on January 16th, 1970. However, various sources online claim that Joan appeared on this television show on two other occasions; April 21st, 1970 and October 7th, 1971.
The April 21st, 1970 episode was a re-run of Joan's prior appearance on January 16th. This is confirmed by Joan herself, in a letter dated April 28th, 1970 to friend Mary Roebling.
The October 7th, 1971 episode has no appearance by Joan at all. However, during a commercial break during this episode Joan appears in a commercial to promote the AFI film festival in her honor that was being held in Washington, D.C.

"The Foxes" (1961)
Character: "Millicent Fox"
This is a production referenced on Joan Crawford on websites and IMDB; however, this project was never filmed. This was a working title of a potential television series, which was slated to star Joan as an attorney named "Millicent Fox" (another working name for the character was "Ellen Fox"). The other working titles for the series was: "The Silver Fox," "The Blue Fox" and "Ellen Fox: Attorney At Law."

"Journey To Midnight" (1968)
This title is listed as a television film that Joan hosted in 1968 on the website IMDB. The film was composed of two episodes of the UK television show "Journey To The Unknown." For one, the actual title of this television film was "Journey Into Midnight." Secondly, Joan was not involved with this production. Joan only filmed one television film for the "Journey To The Unknown," and it was the 1973 television film also titled "Journey To The Unknown." Joan filmed this on August 29th, 1972.

"Journey To Murder" (1971)
As with the above title "Journey To Midnight," Joan had no involvement with this television film. Not only did Joan have no involvement with this project, but it appears this television film does not even exist. After extensive television schedule searches, there is no record of it having ever been shown on television. (Webmaster's Note: There is a reviewer on the IMDB website named "kevinolzak" who gives a 2014 review of this television film. After I contacted him through private message, he admitted to me that he never actually saw this alleged television film.)

"The Merv Griffin Show" (1972)
It is stated on various online sources (the origin source being IMDB) that Joan appeared on "The Merv Griffin Show" on September 26th, 1972. The date seems logical as a promotional appearance for Joan's upcoming guest appearance on the television show "The Sixth Sense," which premiered on September 30th. However, after reviewing the verified guests on "The Merv Griffin Show" for the date September 26th, 1972, I have found that Joan did not appear on Griffin's show on this date. On September 26th, Griffin's guests were Carol Burnett, Vikki Lawrence, Harvey Korman , Lyle Waggoner and Joe Hamilton. In addition, I have conducted a search of Griffin's guests for the entire month of September 1972, and Joan is not listed as a guest.

"The Name of The Game" (1971)
Character: "Victoria Stuart"
Episode: "Los Angeles 2017"
This project is erroneously cited as involving Joan on IMDB and other online resources. From this Webmaster's own independent research, I have discovered that Joan Crawford was, in fact, hired to guest star on the television show "The Name of The Game," however, it was not episode "Los Angeles 2017," it was an episode entitled "A Capitol Affair," which aired on February 12th, 1971. Joan was originally hired for the role in November 1970, however, backed out of the production in early December 1970. For complete details, please visit the page devoted to this project in the website's Missed Opportunities section.

"The Silver Fox" (1977)
In Shaun Considine's "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud," he writes that Joan was slated to star in the 1977 television show "The Silver Fox;" however, this is not accurate. Considine claimed there was a January 1977 report in "Variety" stating Joan "was set for a TV series entitled "The Silver Fox." However, this Webmaster has reviewed every January edition of "Variety" and Joan's name is not mentioned. Additionally, I searched each "Variety" issue during the last quarter of 1976 and the entire first quarter of 1977 and no such statement about Joan is found in any one of the publication's issues. However, there were mentions of a television show about heists called "The Silver Fox" that appeared in several late 1976 issues of "Variety."
It is the opinion of this Webmaster that Considine made the false assumption that Joan was planning to appear in the 1977 show "The Silver Fox" based upon an auction lot of Joan's personal belongings in February 1978. Considine attended this auction, and the auction's brochure specifically named the items in "The Silver Fox" lot. The auction lot contained scripts, contracts and telegrams regarding "The Silver Fox" television show. However, this material was in regard to the planned "Joan Crawford Show" in 1961, which had the working title of "The Silver Fox."
Additionally in 2013, I confronted Considine about this January 1977 "Variety" report, and asked him for the date of the issue reporting Joan linked to "The Silver Fox." Considine was unable to provide the date or any further details. Following Considine's death, I received his research materials for "Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud" from his brother, and I can confirm no such "Variety" report is found within the content of his research.

"Sunday Night Joan Crawford Theater" (1970)
Two online sources (IMDB and "Joan Crawford: The Best of Everything" website) claim that Joan hosted four of her films (one each Sunday evening) in January 1970 for WNEW-TV (Channel 5) in New York. This is completely false. Joan did not hosts her films on WNEW-TV in January 1970. The January 1970 film presentations did occur; however, they were not hosted or introduced by Joan. I do not know if this erroneous information originated on IMDB or "The Best of Everything" website (the "BOE" website states "Thanks to Gregor for his research" in regard this this entry on the site), however, it is 100% erroneous information.
Joan did introduce five of her films (one each night) for WNEW-TV in June 1973. These introductions were re-ran in November 1975. (Please see the 1973 and 1975 Chronicle pages for additional details). This information has been verified to me not only by witnesses who viewed the introductions, but also in an interview with Channel 5's manager.

"Woman On The Run" (1959)
This is a production linked to Crawford on websites such as IMDB, however, there is no documentation of Joan's involvement in this production, nor is there any evidence of this project's actual existence.

The objective of this page to correct several inaccurate citations and rumors of television projects that Joan Crawford allegedly participated in, however no documentation exists to support these rumored appearances. In some cases, the rumor and claim has been fully debunked below by this Webmaster.