Debunking Joan Crawford's Birth Year

Part 3: Discrediting 1905
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      As with 1904, there is no valid document to support the 1905 birth year. However, 1905 has came to light as a possible year of birth due to the 1910 U.S. Census, which lists Joan's age as "5" on April 20th, 1910, thus producing a 1905 year of birth. However, this Census record is highly suspect. This cannot be stressed enough. Within this Census record, the family name is spelled as "Casson" (instead of Cassin); Lucille is misspelled as "Lucial"; and the Census lists Hal's age as "8." Though it is established in part two of this debunking assessment that Hal was definitely born in September 1903, making him 6 years old when this Census was conducted. Additionally, Anna LeSueur's age is listed as "28," which gives her an 1881 year of birth at the time this Census was conducted, which contradicts the 1884 year of birth listed on Anna's 1958 death certificate.
     These many falsities and inconsistencies within the 1905 Census leads one to the conclusion that the family's information was not just notated wrong by the Census taker, but was intentionally falsified by Henry Cassin or Anna LeSueur. This conclusion is compounded by the fact that the ages for Anna and Hal LeSueur are incorrect on at least two other U.S. Census records taken in Los Angeles, California - - both of which lists incorrect and inconsistent ages for Hal and Anna. Therefore, in regard to determining Joan's birth year, the 1910 Census is not a credible source.

Above: A close-up of Joan's family 1910 U.S. Census information, with Joan's information highlighted

Above: The 1910 U.S. Census for Comanche County, Oklahoma, which lists Joan's family near the middle of the page

     In the interest of full disclosure, pictured below are Hal's marriage certificates. They are dated October 21st, 1922, and September 16th, 1931. Hal lists his age as 21 in 1922, and 30 in 1931 - both of which coincide with a 1901 year of birth, which coincides with the 1910 Census. However, as exhibited in part two, a 1901 birth year for Hal is impossible. It is unknown why Hal would have given a false year of birth on his marriage certificates. However, it is possible Hal had made himself 2 years older early in life for reasons which have yet to be revealed; such as for a specialized work permit or driver's license. Furthermore, as will be exhibited below, Hal gave contradicting ages for himself throughout his life. Therefore, the year of birth given by Hal on these marriage certificates is not creditable.

Above: Hal LeSueur's 1922 and 1932 marriage certificates. (Click the photos for a larger view)

Exhibit A: The 1930 U.S. Census Record

     As mentioned above, Hal gave conflicting birth years throughout his life. Exhibited below is the 1930 U.S. Census record for Los Angeles County, California. On the Census record, Hal's age is given as "25," thus giving him a 1904 birth year. Additionally, Anna LeSueur's age is given as "44," which gives her an 1886 year of birth, rather than the previously reported 1881 year of birth, or the 1884 year of birth supplied on the 1940 Census, and Anna's death certificate.

Above: A close up of Hal and Anna LeSueur's information in the 1930 U.S. Census

Above: The 1930 U.S. Census for Los Angeles County, California. The LeSueur family information is highlighted at the bottom of the page

Exhibit B: The 1940 U.S. Census Record

     As with the above 1930 U.S. Census, Hal's age is also incorrect on the 1940 U.S. Census record. In the April 1940 Census, Hal's age is given as "34," which gives Hal a 1905 birth year. Anna's age is given as "56," which gives her an 1884 year of birth, which is inconsistent with the information supplied on at least two prior U.S. Census records. However, this age is consistent with Anna's 1958 death certificate.

Above: A close up of Hal and Anna LeSueur's information in the 1940 U.S. Census

Above: The 1940 U.S. Census for Los Angeles County, California

Exhibit C: A 1928 Port Arrival Record

     In 1928, Anna LeSueur traveled by ship from Ensenada, Mexico to Los Angeles, California. According to the ship's passenger log, Anna supplied her age as 45, with a reported birth date of November 29th, 1882. This date further contradicts all above Census records, and further establishes Anna LeSueur's habit of supplying erroneous ages for herself and her children on official records.

Above: A 1928 port arrival log listing Anna LeSueur as a passenger, with an 1882 birth year