Missed Opportunities
"The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"

Status: Completed. Joan was replaced with Greer Garson. Aired on October 8th, 1967 (originally slated to air on November 5th, 1967)
Character: Herself; George Washington's mother (skit); Commentator (skit)

Joan's involvement in the production:
Joan signed her contract in July 1967 to begin filming of this episode in late August 1967. However, in mid-August Joan canceled her appearance. According to Tom and Dick Smothers, Joan did not like that the script called for her to play a "queen" in a skit because Bette Davis had already played a queen in a skit on the show during the previous season. However, upon reading the script, no where is it mentioned that Joan was to portray a "queen." Of the two skits Joan was to appear in, she was to portray George Washington's mother in one skit, and to have been the commentator of men's hairstyles in the other. Joan was replaced in the episode with actress Greer Garson.

Joan's introduction on the episode was to be an entire song pertaining to her association with Pepsi-Cola.
Prior to her cancellation, Joan had scheduled a 10-day trip to Los Angeles, California for the show's taping, with the expected arrival date of August 16th.

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