The complete script for episode five of season two. Joan was to have appeared on this episode in two skits. In July 1967, Joan signed her contract to appear on the episode, however, approximately one month later, she canceled her appearance and was replaced with Greer Garson. According to Tom and Dick Smothers, Joan canceled her appearance after receiving the script and not liking that she was schedule to portray a "queen" because Bette Davis had portrayed a queen in an episode. However, upon reading the script, it does not call for Joan to portray a queen; she portrays George Washington's mother in one skit, and the commentator on men's hair in another. For further information, please visit the the page devoted to this production in the website's "Missed Opportunities" section.

     The first pages below include the episode's rundown. All sections and pages pertaining to Joan have been highlighted in yellow for easy location. ​


"The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" (1967)