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"The Caretakers" - Stills and Promotional Photos

Premiered: August 21st, 1963 | Filmed: (Joan's involvement) Late June 1962 - July 14th, 1962

"The Caretakers" - Set Photos 

Various Events

The 35th annual Academy Awards Ceremony (April 8th, 1963)

Visiting the White House on behalf of the "Stars For Mental Health" organization (May 3rd, 1963)

Interviewed in Berlin, Germany (Late June 1963)

Interviewed during the 46th annual Lions Club Convention in Miami Beach, Florida (June 20th, 1963)

Photo shoot in Joan's Fountain Avenue apartment for "Business Week" magazine (August 1963)

Photographer Ernest E. Reshovshy

Touring a medical coach mobile health clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (March 22nd, 1963)



"The Merv Griffin Show" (Aired March 7th, 1963)

Departing the taping of "The Merv Griffin Show" (March 7th, 1963)

Attending the Berlin Film Festival in Berlin, Germany (June 30, 1963)

At the premiere of Federico Fellini's film "8 1/2" (June 13th, 1963)

"Route 66" episode "Same Picture, Different Frame" (Aired October 4th, 1963)

Screenshots from "Route 66" episode "Same Picture, Different Frame"

Attending the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in New Orleans, Louisiana (October 24th - October 25th, 1963)

Screenshots from "Royal Bay" (aka "Della") - Filmed: October 11th - 28th, 1963

"Royal Bay" (aka "Della") - Still and Promotional Photos

Filmed: October 11th - 28th, 1963