"Trog" - Stills & Promotional Photos

Premiered in America: September 30th, 1970 | Filmed in England: June 30th - September 8th, 1969

"The Virginian" episode "Nightmare" - Stills & Promotional Photos

Premiered: January 21st, 1970 | Filmed: November 20th, 1969 - December 5th, 1969


On location at Ivinghoe Beacon, England (July 30th, 1969)

Photographer: Michael Ward

"Trog" - Set Photos

Various Events

Screenshots from "The Virginian"

"The Virginian" - Set Photos

Television Appearances

At the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Sedalia, Missouri (May 16th, 1970)

Photographer: James Molchany

The Golden Globe Awards ceremony (February 2nd, 1970)

Being honored with the "Marketing Woman of The Decade" award at the Plaza Hotel in New York (May 21st, 1970)

At the "Miss Venus International Beauty Competition" in Garden City, Long Island (June 24th, 1970)

"The Tim Conway Comedy Hour"

Premiered: October 4th, 1970 | Filmed: September 6th, 1970

Joan photographed in the kitchen of her Imperial House apartment with her meatloaf (September 1970)

Screenshots from a Pepsi-Cola press conference in Dallas, Texas (December 4th, 1970)

Attending a Pepsi-Cola press conference in Dallas, Texas (December 4th, 1970)


A photo shoot of Joan in her Imperial House apartment for "My Way of Life," which was published in October 1971 (June 1970)

Photographer: Joseph Griffith

"The David Frost Show"

Premiered: January 16th, 1970

At Starr Commonwealth's Founder's Day ceremony in honor of Floyd Starr in Albion, Michigan (October 3rd - 4th, 1970)

Attending a luncheon celebrating Helen Hayes' 65th year on the stage (March 2nd, 1970)

Publicity by Chicago, Illinois photographer Jack O'Grady (March 1970)

Screenshots from "The Tim Conway Comedy Hour"

At the San Francisco, California Food Editors Convention (September 22nd, 1970)

Arriving in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on a trip for Pepsi-Cola (November 1st, 1970)