"Backstory: Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte"
Network: AMC
Premiered: May 7th, 2001
Duration: 30 minutes

Synopsis: This episode of AMC's Backstory covered the filming of "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte", and the dynamics of Joan's association with Bette Davis and director Robert Aldrich. The program features photos of Joan on the set and in character prior to her being replaced on the project.
Commentators: Alvin Greenman, Script Supervisor Robert Gary, Crawford Historian Michael Musto.

Network: Syndication
Premiered: 1978
Duration: 45 Minutes

Synopsis: Joan's daughter Christina Crawford appears on the show to talk about her book "Mommie Dearest" and her mother.
Commentary from the studio audience, and viewer calls are taken, one of which that is harsh against the allegations in the book.

"E!'s Mysteries & Scandals"
Network: E! Channel
Premiered: November 9th, 1998
Duration: 30 Minutes

Synopsis: This episode of the E! channel's series discusses the rumors about Joan's sexuality, early pornography film, and the "Mommie Dearest" allegations. Hosted by A.J. Benza.
Commentators: Crawford Biographer Bob Thomas, Daughter Christina Crawford, Director Vincent Sherman, Secretary Jeri Smith, Crawford Historian Karan Swenson

"E!'s 101 Most Shocking Moments In Entertainment"
Network: E! Channel
Premiered: July 2003

Synopsis: Christina Crawford's publication of "Mommie Dearest" ranked #35 on the countdown. The brief segment of the countdown devoted to Joan held commentary of comedian Phyllis Diller and Christina Crawford.

"The Hollywood Greats: Joan Crawford"
Network: BBC
Premiered: August 3rd, 1978
Duration: 50 minutes
Director: Barry Norman
Written By: Barry Norman

Synopsis: This is one of five Hollywood documentaries Barry Norman made in the summer of 1978.
Norman narrates the documentary, which talks about Joan's life, career and personality.
Commentators: Former lover Greg Bautzer, Columnist Radie Harris, Director Vincent Sherman, Director Chuck Walters, Actor Cliff Roberston, Actor Robert Montgomery, Actress Natalie Schafer.

"Joan Crawford: Always The Star"
Network: A&E
Premiered: September 30th, 1996
Duration: 45 minutes
Director: Gene Feldman and Suzette Winter
Written By: Gene Feldman and Suzette Winter

Synopsis: A documentary covering Joan's life from birth till death, with an emphasis towards Crawford's more positive side.
Commentators: Daughter Cynthia Crawford Jordan, Biographer Bob Thomas, Actor Cliff Robertson, Actor Ben Cooper, Actress Diane Baker, Costumer Elva Martien, Publicist John Springer, Producer Herbert Kenwith, Crawford Historian Tom Toth.

"Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star"
Network: TCM (Tuner Classic Movies)
Premiered: August 1st, 2002
Duration: 1 hour, 25 minutes
Director: Peter Fitzgerald
Written By: Peter Fitzgerald

Synopsis: A neutral point-of-view documentary detailing Joan Crawford's life, career, relationships. Narrated by Anjelica Huston.
Commentators: Daughter Christina Crawford, Biographer Bob Thomas, Director Vincent Sherman, Producer Herbert Kenwith, Actor Cliff Roberston, Actor Ben Cooper, Actress Betsy Palmer, Actress Diane Baker, Actress Anita Page, Actress Judy Geeson, Friend Peter Rogers, Interior Designer Carleton Varney and Crawford Historian Charles Busch.
With Achieve interview footage of; Former Husband Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, Actor Dickie Moore, Actress Anna Lee, Actress Virginia Grey, Actress Margaret O'Brien, Hairstylist Sidney Guilaroff, Columnist Liz Smith and Crawford Historian Karen Swenson.

"The Mike Douglas Show"
Network: CBS (Syndicated)
Premiered: December 8th, 1978
Duration: 1 hour

Synopsis: Christina Crawford appears as a guest to promote the recent publication of "Mommie Dearest". During the episode, Douglas confronts Christina with a letter from Joan Crawford's other daughter Cathy LaLonde rebuking the allegations made by Christina in the book.

"The Today Show"
Network: NBC

Premiered: October 30th, 1978

Synopsis: Christina Crawford appears on the program to discuss the publication of "Mommie Dearest".

Premiered: November 18th, 1978
Synopsis: Bob Thomas appears on the program to discuss his publication of "Joan Crawford: A Biography."

"Good Morning America"

Network: ABC

Premiered: May 28th, 1981

Synopsis: Joan's daughter, Cathy LaLonde, appear on the program to denounce the accusations of Christina Crawford's book, "Mommie Dearest," and the forthcoming film.

Premiered June 12th, 1981

Synopsis: Joan's daughter, Christina Crawford, appears on the program to refute the claims made by her sister, Cathy, during an interview with "Good Morning America" two week prior.