The complete shooting script of "Mommie Dearest."
​​This script was completed on December 22nd, 1980, with revisions made on: January 19th & 20th, 1981; February 20th, 1981; March 11th, 16th & 23rd, 1981; and on April 1st, 1981. This draft was written following Faye Dunaway's replacement of actress Anne Bancroft in the role of "Joan Crawford."
     Prior to this draft, several screenplays had been written for the film, including two rejected screenplays by Christina Crawford.

     Highlighted in red are scenes that are alternate or extended from the scenes presented in the finished film. Also highlighted are scenes that were not filmed, or filmed and later edited out of the finished film prior to release.​​​​ Click here to read only the deleted scenes, with photos from these scenes.​​

     Click here to read an April 28th, 1980 draft by screenwriter Tracy Hotchner. This draft was written during the time when Anne Bancroft was attached ​to the production ​and is this is a completely ​alternate version from the shooting script.


"Mommie Dearest" (Final draft)