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​​Joan Crawford's Acting Career (1960-1977)​


Provides an in depth description of the final theatrical films of ​Joan Crawford.
​This includes each film's production timeline, promotional materials, box office ​​records and backstory of each film's production.

     Film Wardrobe
     A selection of wardrobe garments Crawford wore in her various films.
     Wardrobe Sketches​​
​    A selection of costume designer sketches for various Crawford film garments.

This section is the largest documentation ever available of Joan Crawford's complete television work. ​It provides a full synopsis of the television appearance (when available), cast and crew listings, filming backstories (when available) and screenshots of Joan's appearance.

This section provides readers with the covers, and in some cases, the complete scripts to various Joan Crawford film and television projects.

Missed Opportunities​​​​​
This section is dedicated to Crawford's missed opportunities on film and television. This section is a still a working progress with new titles being added to the listing.