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January 27th, 2020
     Added 80 photos to the 1967 Gallery, which include:
3 photos of Joan at a dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, New York. (March 12th, 1967)
18 screenshots of Joan's performance on the television show "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." (Premiered on March 31st, 1967)
18 screenshots of Joan's performance in the film "The Karate Killers," which featured an alternate version, and take, of Joan's scene from "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." (Both versions of Joan's scene can be viewed here on the website's Facebook page.)​​​
10 screenshots of promotional appearances Joan made on television on behalf of the American Cancer Society during their "Crusade '67' campaign.
4 photos of Joan hosting "The Hollywood Palace." (Premiered April 22nd, 1967)
2 photos of Joan at the dedication ceremony of a new Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Burlington, North Carolina. (May 6th, 1967)​
​2 publicity photos of Joan modeling various hats in her apartment. (June 30th, 1967)
6 screenshots of Joan, with daughter Christina, on the documentary "This Was The Mary." (August 1967)​
12 screenshots of Joan's appearance on Jerry Lewis' Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon. (September 3rd, 1967)​
3 publicity photos of Joan for the "Miss America Beauty Pageant," all of which are taken in Joan's apartment. (September 1967)
1 snapshot taken of the television by a fan ​during Joan's appearance on the "Miss America Beauty Pageant." (September 9th, 1967)
1 photo of Joan on "The Irv Kupinet Show" in Chicago, Illinois. (November 17th, 1967)​

     Added 1 photo of Joan with Andy Warhol, taken by Warhol's own photographer, Pat Hackett, during the Rainbow Room party on September 23rd to the 1974 Gallery.​

     Added Anna LeSueur's (Joan's mother) July 13th, 1909 marriage certificate to Henry J. Cassin to the Archive section's vital records. In addition to the certificate, I also added excerpts of the couple's wedding announcements from the Lawton, Oklahoma newspapers.

​January 17th, 2020
     Added a video of Joan's June 1973 film introductions for Channel 5 in New York to the website's Youtube channel

​​January 6th, 2020:
     The first update of the new year (and new decade) begins with additions to "the last."

     Added 6 photos from the September 23rd, 1974 Rainbow Room party to the 1974 gallery, which include:
2 photos of Joan with artist Andy Warhol and actress Sylvia Miles
2 Photos of Joan with silent film actress Hope Hampton
1 photo of Joan with an unknown gentleman
1 bonus photo of John Springer and Joan's Imperial House neighbor, Doris Lilly.

     Added 1 photo of Joan's final photo shoot with photographer John Engstead to the 1976 gallery.​

     Revised the singular Mamacita page into an entire section devoted to Mamacita. This includes new correspondence, which include: cards to Mamacita from Joan's secretary, Betty Barker; ​21 new photos of Mamacita in Germany; personal documents pertaining to Mamacita's life.

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